Very serious questions have been asked of me that I think deserve answers

QDude you actually demanded they pay you $100,000 plus making you a permanent photography sponsor and then tripled the amount after they tried to come to an agreement with you?

A$100,000 as an opening negotiating position was a number that was sure to get somebodys attention, and that is why it was written.  It was also after doing much research on the internet learning how this type of case in a courtroom cost both sides potentially millions of dollars and many years. From the beginning I expressed not wanting to take this beyond handling it man to man between myself and the founder Travis Lyman Snyder.

It succeeded in getting their attention and we negotiated with a wonderful attorney Michael Ward of The Color Run.  The negotiations brought the finance part down to $30,000 paid to me for lost visibility.  60 days with my logo on The Color Run’s footer of its sites which Ward offered as well as continuing work with the company, and a shout out on social media, with their suggestion of saying I took the “Photo of the Year”, and a couple of plaques of the pictures so we could all laugh out loud when we grew older and see how much time effort and money was saved.

More Q&A will be posted tomorrow, until then it is time to study for my mid-terms.



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