Q- Can you post the original filing of the case?

This is H-28 of The Color Run’s Trademark Case against me:

28. It has recently come to The Color Run’s attention that, Jackson has represented on his Facebook page that he is or has been employed by The Color Run. See Facebook Screen Shot, attached as Ex. B. Jackson’s representation is false. Jackson has never been employed by The Color Run.

Check out the first paragraph last line, in this  excerpt from Travis Lyman Snyder’s official response to public outcry:

“I wanted to respond personally to this matter. As the founder of The Color Run, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many successful creative partnerships of all sizes, including amazing photographers. I respect their ability to capture the essence of our event and fully believe that they deserve attribution for their work to showcase their talents. This issue with Max is a single anomaly and quite frankly makes me sad. Max first came to shoot The Color Run because we granted his school class non-commercial access to come shoot the race in Miami where the photos in question were taken. After this, Max actually ended up working our events over the next year as a non-photographer and traveling and setting up with our traveling teams.”

And after this line you think that this sounds silly…well the rest of the case pretty much reads the same way.  What is your Facebook job status?  Should you have had to get permission from your company to say that you work there?

Download entire original filing: 2013-08-28 (3) Report on the Filing or Determination of an Action Regarding a Patent or Trademark-1 (2)


Photo by: Sean Webster ( Website )1274894_751745894841016_1164874736_o


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