“I would rather…

“I would rather spend five hundred thousand dollars on lawyers than be extorted by you” – Travis Lyman Snyder, Owner and Founder of The Color Run, in response to a letter I sent him seeking reparations for the wrongful use of my photos promoting a multimillion dollar company worldwide and in multinational franchise chains.


10 thoughts on ““I would rather…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. I read your GoFundMe site and other readers had good comments like appealing to the media (Dateline, 20/20, etc). I’m sure The Color Run does not want bad press. You also might want to try reaching out to Image Rights International: https://www.imagerights.com/ Good luck!

    • Thank you for reading and taking the time to make a comment on this blog. At this point everything is moving so fast and I never would have thought it would pick up so much steam so quickly. I will see what happens with this moving forward and it will determine what happens in the press.

      In the meantime I will check out the Image Rights International link that you sent me!

  2. Can you post the letter you wrote, or is that crucial to the case in a manner that disallows that?

    I also would like to see the lawsuit filing full text. Perhaps you could post the pdf here as well….


    Charles R. Lawson, CPP, AFP
    Concerned Professional Photographer

  3. I’d like to donate to your fundraiser, but GoFundMe doesn’t allow PayPal. This may deter a number of would-be donors. I’d suggest setting up a PayPal donation method as well.

    • I have created a paypal with the email address mjacks91@fau.edu for this purpose. People have already reached out to me about this but I haven’t had time to add it to my post.

      Thank you for taking the time to read about this and show your support by commenting!

  4. So I wrote a letter to the founders of the Color Run, about how in this industry of photography we are seen merely as only a photographer, what do we have to loose by just giving our work and images for thing, because really what did we loose monetarily by pushing the shutter button. How about hours of educations, license, equipment, software and processors as well as time? Do you work for free per time just for your talent of doing your job? NO!

    The founder sent me a link to a letter written in response to all the “internet” stories going around…..


    • Thank you for sending me this, I am currently working on something to set all potential questions straight. Thank you for your help by reaching out to the founders of The Color Run 🙂

  5. As a fellow photog, I really hope you win this! It’s such a shame that big corporations think they can scare away the little guy with their deep pockets. Fight to good fight, Max. Hopefully you’re able to get a good settlement out of court, and avoid all of the hassle and costs involved in a case like this! Your photos are awesome, by the way. No wonder they want to claim them as their own!

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